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The Healthcare Leaders Podcast S1 EP1: Social Listening in Healthcare & Pharma Marketing – with Becca Evans


17th November 2023


Written by Lizz Summers

In this episode of The Healthcare Leaders Podcast, we’re joined by Becca Evans; Freelance Insights Consultant. 

Becca shares her insider knowledge on how healthcare and pharma brands can use Social Listening to supercharge their marketing campaigns. 


  • What actually is social listening? (2:10) 
  • How to make social listening more affordable for your healthcare brand(3:30) 
  • How social listening can totally change your product and marketing strategy (6:49)
  • Company’s compliance responsibilities for social listening (16:00) 
  • Combining social listening insights with other data sources for more holistic brand strategies (28:00) 

Join us to explore how social listening is transforming healthcare marketing and strategy and the importance of data from real online conversations in understanding patient needs and trends in the healthcare sector.

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