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Medical Copywriting

words that instil confidence, establish trust and bring clarity 

Saving lives one word at a time

Whether you’re looking to engage with clinicians or drive patient acquisition, getting your message across in clear, concise language is critical. With a team of healthcare marketing experts, we know what we’re writing about.

Our team of digital specialists and healthcare experts work with a range of clients, from large healthcare organisations to independent clinics and practitioners, to drive revenue and transform healthcare. A key strategy for success is powerful content, using trusted copy that converts.

We offer bespoke content and medical copywriting services to amplify your brand, engage your audience, build trust and establish credibility.



Engage Clinicians with Medical Copywriting

At Medico, we have a skilled team of medically trained copywriters and healthcare content specialists who are experts in crafting accessible, medically accurate and validated content. Our medical copywriters distil technical and complex information into clear and concise messaging to educate and persuade healthcare professionals. Our team is experienced in regulatory and compliance guidelines, crafting results-driven copy that can be trusted. 

We’ve built a deep understanding of the healthcare market through years of experience working with healthcare providers who need to capture the attention of clinicians. Data accessed through our various advertising partner statuses provides an unparalleled view into the online clinician journey, giving us insight into the content and copy that resonates. Our detailed clinician personas provide unique insights into how to identify, reach and engage a wide range of medical professionals, procurement teams and referrers through great writing.

Get More Patients with Copy that Converts

Advancing diagnostics, disease prevention, innovative treatments and therapies can be complex and technical to convey. And even more so when writing for an audience who typically have no science or medical background. Our medical copywriting team can support all your content marketing objectives with clinically accurate and engaging copy that speaks to patients without “dumbing down”.

In our experience, writing copy for patients comprises three key areas:

  • Ensure writing is patient-friendly. Information needs to be accurate but don’t overwhelm patients with medical jargon and acronyms.
  • Educate your patients with informative content that answers their questions and helps them along their healthcare journey. Write copy that represents your clinical practice, expertise, ethos and values. This will put patients at ease before they set foot in your practice.
  • Publish content that is optimised for search engines and aligns with your wider patient acquisition strategy. You want your patients to find you and your practice online and SEO optimised content is the right place to start to ensure maximum search engine visibility.

Save Time

Researching and writing website copy that combines scientific knowledge with creativity and the ability to persuade and influence takes time and experience. Let us take care of the copywriting so you can focus on patient care or getting a new product to market.


Tap into our Expertise

Our team of medical copywriters are experts at what they do, writing accurate, compliant and engaging content across a range of medical topics. Whether writing for patients or clinicians, our team are skilled in producing jargon-free content that is clear and concise.


Speak to your Audience

Whether you need text that speaks to patients or clinicians, you need to be able to communicate the value and benefits of your practice, product or service to all stakeholders. With access to detailed buyer personas, we know what we’re writing about.

Our approach

Our approach is centred around one core belief — medical copywriting needs to be accurate, reliable and results-driven. Our experience has helped leading public and private healthcare organisations craft key messages and tell inspirational stories.

Whether it’s treatment pages, educational resources or blog posts, our team of medical copywriters produce high-quality content that delivers on objectives, while keeping compliance, compassion and accuracy at the heart of everything we write.

We know that each healthcare business is unique, so we’ll work closely with you and your team to ensure that we’re creating the right content for you — content that communicates your message clearly and effectively to the people that really matter.

What we can do for you

We deliver high-quality healthcare content and medical copywriting to suit your needs. 

We offer a range of medical copywriting and content marketing services, including:

  • Premium medical SEO copywriting that complement our Healthcare SEO service
  • Search-driven editorial calendars 
  • Content production for medical website design projects
  • Content optimisation
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Content design tailored to your audience and brand objectives
  • Onsite content (including home page, treatment pages, service pages, articles & blog posts)
  • Tone of voice and branding consultation

Whatever your medical copywriting or healthcare content needs are, we’re here to help.

Read our medical copywriting & content strategy case studies

Tactical deployment of healthcare-centric international SEO campaigns for a diverse range of brands under the Nestlé Health Science umbrella.

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