Medical website design

Crafted digital experiences that engage, reassure and inspire

Our approach

Your website should be a reflection of your business- an indication of the kind of experience your service users can expect in person.

At Medico Digital, we’ve developed a tried and tested website design process to ensure that every website we build delivers on its key objectives:


We carry out research of the target audience and market to inform an initial design concept, which acts as a basis for discussion and feedback.

We work with you to define a sitemap, allowing any gaps in content to be identified and a plan put in place for this to be created. This is particularly important for search engine optimisation.

Once a sitemap has been created we will agree with you a plan for content creation. You can create these yourselves, or you may choose to use our copywriting service.

Content Creation

We prefer not to start designing pages until the majority of content has been created and is available to us. This is not always possible. in which case we use placeholder text; however, the designs often turn out better when the designer has a good idea of what content is going to be on the page.

Design and development

Our team will carry out the work discussed on a website on our development server, viewable by you. When drafts are completed we’ll notify you to review, and iterate the design in response to your feedback. Timeline is dependent on the number of revisions required.


When you’re completely satisfied with all aspects of the website, we will discuss with you hosting arrangements, and work towards launching the website. For the first two weeks after launch we’re happy to make minor revisions.


Elegant websites that provide engaging user experiences across all device types.


Built with search engines in mind to ensure optimal visibility in search results.

Ongoing support

We’re in it for the long-haul. Many of our clients have been working with us since our inception and we put that down to our emphasis on providing carefully considered, honest advice with achievable outcomes.

Our support packages range from individual campaign work, technical support to fully outsourced digital marketing strategy and delivery for private hospital groups.