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Promoting an award-winning cardiac monitoring system to a niche audience of clinicians


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iRhythm Technologies, headquartered in San Francisco, California, provides diagnostic monitoring solutions that facilitate the early diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmia.

The challenge

iRhythm approached Medico Digital in early 2020 for help in promoting their Zio service, a discreet ambulatory cardiac monitoring system that uses biosensor technology, cloud-based data analytics and machine learning to provide quicker diagnosis of arrhythmias. 

Their objective was to generate brand salience amongst a niche demographic composed of cardiologists and key NHS decision-makers, whilst dissociating their UK arm from the US brand which historically enjoyed search dominance for brand terms.

FireShot Capture 055 - Clinician - Zio® by iRhythm - Definitive Diagnosis Accelerated Care_ -

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all for the huge push you have delivered on our digital platforms! Having these assets and tools available to us has been vital”

Tash Brown - iRhythm UK Marketing Manager

The solution

We decided on a two-pronged approach:

  1. Generate brand awareness amongst the clinician audience by providing useful, medically accurate content that identified solutions for highly specific pain points in the existing arrhythmia diagnosis care path. We utilised strategic LinkedIn advertising, Google Ads and our network of partner healthcare publishers to put this content directly in front of cardiologist referrers. 
  2. Show the benefits of a modern cardiac monitoring service to potential patients (for example the ability for a patient to be monitored without leaving their home during the COVID-19 pandemic). This involved updating iRhythm’s website messaging and ensuring all digital tools were in place to facilitate communication with patients. 

“I can't recommend this team enough! They are truly a partner, one which I rely on for their expertise and strategic council; from establishing our digital platforms to now executing campaigns across a range of channels. Medico Digital are always honest about their thoughts on which direction to take and always align to our objectives. Medico Digital are responsive and agile in their ability to pivot to meet our needs. They are an incredibly valuable member of our team at iRhythm and I enjoy working with them all - THANK YOU!” 

- Tash Brown - iRhythm UK Marketing Manager


From implementing hreflang tags (an advanced SEO technique that dissociated the UK website from the previously dominant US website) to creating a clinician-friendly user journey on the website and driving incremental traffic through highly targeted paid media campaigns, we managed to accelerate iRhythm's UK market presence from an almost standing start.

iRhythm now enjoys good coverage amongst both of its target audiences and is going from strength to strength, recently being announced as a winner of the NHS AI Awards.

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