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Launching a new global brand targeting healthcare decision makers

Project highlights:

Developing a corporate website to establish a new brand identity, engage niche audiences, and facilitate global-to-local communication.

Ergea, previously the Inframedica Group, aimed to be Europe's largest provider of diagnostic imaging and cancer care services to public and private hospitals and clinics. To support this ambitious goal, they needed a corporate website to showcase their new brand identity, convey their unique selling points, and engage their niche target audience across multiple markets.

"The Medico Digital team demonstrated exceptional professionalism and expertise in delivering our new corporate website under a tight deadline. Their strategic approach, attention to detail, and ability to understand our unique needs resulted in a website that effectively represents our brand and engages our target audience. We look forward to continuing our partnership as we enhance our digital presence in the future."

Janna Söderström
Head of Group Marketing and Communication

The challenges


Launching a new global brand

Ergea required a digital presence to communicate their new brand identity and establish themselves as a leader in their field. The website needed to be a key business asset, aligning with their broader goal of becoming the top provider of diagnostic imaging and cancer care services in Europe.


Marketing to a niche audience

Engaging with a niche audience of healthcare decision-makers and stakeholders across different markets was crucial. The website had to convey Ergea's capabilities, services, and unique value proposition in a way that resonated with this specific target group.


Global-to-local and vice versa

With operations in multiple countries, Ergea needed a website that could accommodate local differences while maintaining a cohesive global brand. The site had to facilitate communication between the corporate level and local markets, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Project highlights

12-week aggressive timeline for website launch

Multilingual website optimised for various device types

Successful launch in January 2023, coinciding with the retirement of the Althea UK brand website

Mobile first web design / Ergea

Clear user journey for healthcare providers and decision makers, highlighting Ergea's value proposition
We developed a user-centric website structure and crafted compelling content that effectively communicated Ergea's unique selling points, capabilities, and services to its wide range of target audiences and stakeholders. By creating tailored user journeys for procurement teams of managed equipment services, clinicians, staff, candidates, senior leadership, and corporate investors, we ensured that each group could easily navigate the website and find the information most relevant to their specific needs and interests. This targeted approach allowed Ergea to showcase its value proposition in a way that resonated with each audience segment, highlighting how the company's offerings could benefit them directly.
Timely launch and seamless transition
Despite the aggressive 12-week timeline, we successfully launched the website in January 2023, coinciding with the retirement of the Althea UK brand website. Careful planning ensured that redirects were implemented to preserve SEO value during the transition.
A mobile-first website design
Our team designed and developed a responsive website that provided a seamless user experience across various devices. The site launched before January 2023, meeting the tight deadline and including essential corporate information, team details, news, blogs, and contact forms.

Clear user journey / Ergea

Showcase of the new corporate brand
The website design aligned with Ergea's new brand guidelines, establishing a strong visual identity and positioning the company as a leading provider of diagnostic imaging and cancer care services in Europe.
SEO-optimised content for corporate and country pages
Our team developed keyword-optimised content for the corporate and country-specific pages, improving search engine visibility and organic traffic growth. The content was created in relevant languages to cater to local markets.

Branded iconography / Ergea

CMS training and access for easy updates
We provided training and access to the content management system (CMS), empowering Ergea's team to easily edit and update the website content.
Identification of local needs and roadmap for future development
Through close collaboration with Ergea's local teams, we identified specific requirements for each market. This insight informed a roadmap for the development of additional functionalities and enhancements for the corporate and local sites throughout 2023/24.


By partnering with Medico Digital, Ergea successfully launched its new global brand with a unified digital presence. The corporate website showcases Ergea's brand identity, engages its niche audience, and facilitates global and local team communication. With a strong foundation, Ergea is well-positioned to become the largest provider of diagnostic imaging and cancer care services in Europe.

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