Air Liquide Healthcare: simplifying diabetes education

Unblocking the MLR review for, compliant, patient-focused, medical device marketing at scale.

Project highlights:

‘Making Diabetes Easier’ by Air Liquide Healthcare aimed to be an engaging, unbranded patient education hub.

However, an onerous MLR* review process was bringing their content production to a standstill and resulting in lacklustre, over-complicated content that failed to engage patients, let alone rank in search engines for the competitive diabetes space.

Air Liquide Healthcare came to us needing high-quality, medically accurate and compliant content which could be produced at scale, educational for patients and built to rank in Google (oh yeah, it also needed to be localised for multiple markets!).

(*Medical, Legal and Regulatory affairs)

The challenges


Standing out in a competitive space

It’s an unfortunate reality that diabetes is one of the largest growing epidemics in the world. This means that growing a share of voice to engage and educate people living with diabetes is a significant challenge. Air Liquide Healthcare needed a partner to produce an SEO strategy and content that could rank organically for:

  • Competitive, high-volume search phrases at the awareness end of the online patient journey.
  • Niche, lower volume search phrases in order to provide high quality, medically accurate answers to specific questions for people at all stages of their journey with diabetes.


Compliant content production at scale

The existing MLR process was time-consuming and resulted in uninspiring, inconsistent content in an overly technical style. Air Liquide needed a fresh approach to streamline content production and approvals, creating informative patient-centric content, built to rank on search engines, without promoting Air Liquide’s products.


Patient engagement and education

We needed to translate high volumes of medical and scientific content from the technical source material into patient-friendly language; creating content which was medically accurate and met the strict regulatory requirements, while still reflecting the brand’s tone of voice and being warm, supportive, patient-centric and accessible to the target audience.


Global to local execution

To launch a content hub in 12 local markets, each with its own language and unique compliance requirements, Air Liquide needed a partner capable of leading a seamless global-to-local execution. Medico had to understand the local market nuances, and ensure the SEO strategy was relevant for a global audience. Any MRL reviewed content had to be as useable as possible.

Project highlights

A market leading content hub for diabetes information

12 local markets

50+ pieces of SEO optimised and medically accurate content

40% reduction in content approval time

Hypo in children page content / Air Liquide

A comprehensive content hub
Creating and verifying over 50 pieces of content per year, we delivered compliant content at scale to help establish Making Diabetes Easier as a go-to source of diabetes information.
A blueprint for patient engagement content
Our talented copywriters aligned content with real patient challenges and needs through user research. We provided detailed guidance and recommendations to increase clarity, engagement and accessibility for a diverse patient audience.

HUB UX navigation / Air Liquide

A streamlined MLR approvals process
We created a bespoke system to streamline the previously cumbersome approvals process, with annotated reference packs and a team of GMC-registered subject matter experts for content verification.
Global to local content at scale
Close collaboration with local markets ensured globally produced content could be readily localised to local languages and market nuances.

MDE organic users / Air Liquide

By streamlining the MLR process and providing a replicable model for content production – from tone of voice through to medical verification – we were able to create efficiencies across the content production process, from ideation through to upload.
Measurable increase in traffic
From a standing start to over 10,000 monthly site visits (UK), we helped Air Liquide build their brand awareness and audience engagement, without the content production headache.


By partnering with Medico Digital, Air Liquide Healthcare were able to free themselves from their content production stalemate and generate quality, compliant patient engagement content at scale, to position themselves as a leader in the diabetes space, increase brand awareness and help more patients live well with diabetes.

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