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Healthcare social media marketing agency

Amplify your healthcare brand with expert social communications from the UK’s leading healthcare social media marketing agency.

If you want to build a brand people can trust, social media is critical.

Almost a third of the world’s population actively uses social media every day so it’s important that, as a business or brand, you're able to engage with them on this platform.

A social media presence is essential for building brand awareness and generating highly-qualified leads, as well as opening your business up for reviews and feedback. It's a great channel for patients to leave you a positive review, or let you know where you might be able to improve.

Whatever your marketing objectives, social media will be integral to achieving your goals:

Brand awareness

Strengthen brand image and create interest within your target market by posting engaging content.

Lead generation

Touch on each different stage of the patient journey to drive website conversions and increase sales.

Event promotion

Create awareness of events you’re running and increase the number of sign-ups.

Clinician recruitment

Use specialised targeting to reach niche demographics and skillsets to grow your team.

Community building

Foster a community of loyal brand advocates by providing a space to facilitate customer interaction.

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Experts in social communications

We are experts in healthcare social media communications. We work with you to develop your social media presence through paid and organic social channels and build a strategy to both grow your online community and increase your engagement rate.

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We know your target audience

We only work with healthcare organisations so we understand the importance of communicating in a language that your audience understands, on the channels that they use the most. We help to facilitate that personal, one-to-one engagement with prospective service users from the get-go through social media.

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We understand the healthcare market

Our clients trust us with their healthcare marketing and social media activities because we understand the healthcare market, their patients, and how to use social media to make their websites perform better. And because we’re ‘socialising’ every day we know what’s new, what’s effective and how to rectify negative reviews.

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Organic social

Help grow followers, engagement, brand awareness and generate more patient enquiries.

If you’re looking to expand your organic social media following then we offer a comprehensive, multi-platform social media program including creation, implementation, and management of an integrated content and social media marketing campaign. Our organic social services aim to build brand recognition and visibility on multiple social networks, attracting targeted prospective patients to value-rich blog content.

Paid social

Paid media is essential to your healthcare organisation's social media marketing strategy.

Our paid social media strategies are focused on the bottom line. We want to make sure you receive the maximum return from every penny you invest into paid media.

Social media platforms such as Facebook have become “pay to play”. It is now necessary to support your organic content with paid media spend to make sure your content gets seen by the right people, in the right place, at the right time. You can generate leads, turbocharge enquiries, improve brand awareness – whatever your goal, there are ways to achieve the results you want through paid social media advertising.

Read our social media case studies

Picture of Mr Amer Raza - Private Gynaecologist & Obstetrician

Positioning a private gynaecologist as
a subject matter expert through social media.

Devising and implementing a unified brand social media strategy for a multinational healthcare group.

Our social media services include:

Content strategy

Which images should you post? When should you post them? What should the caption be? The questions about content strategy are almost endless, particularly if it's all new to you and you've no idea where to begin.

The posts on your social media should be structured and support your healthcare organisation's goals - whether that’s to raise awareness of a new treatment that sets you apart from the competition or a recent offer. 

Whatever you’ve got to shout about, we will create a content strategy and schedule unique to your business, so you know what we’re saying on your behalf and when. The strategy will include hashtag planning, caption writing and of course, branded design of all posts featuring content from your healthcare organisation.

Campaign management and paid advertising

Social media advertising is a great way to reach and engage your healthcare organisation's target audiences. Advantages over organic posts include:

  • Scale-up quick - faster results and wider reach
  • Target a specific audience, demographics, interests, job titles etc.
  • Utilise ‘retargeting’ and lookalike audiences and target people that are likely to engage or convert

When you open your account with us, we’ll work together to establish your campaign objectives, messaging and KPIs. From this, we'll recommend an appropriate budget and campaign strategy to achieve your healthcare organisation's social media marketing objectives. 

Networking and community building

Community building is an important part of the social media strategy which is often overlooked. Creating a group of loyal followers who share common interests and are actively engaged and supporting your healthcare brand not only demonstrates your popularity online but also allows you to establish authority within your niche, standing you in great stead to attract more patients.

Your community is also the place online where your followers can give you feedback - whether that’s to tell you how great you are in a five-star review or advise you on where you might need to improve.

Communities and networks like this are built and nurtured on social media. The primary method of approaching this is to regularly post content which engages your audience and stirs curiosity about the service you're offering.

Another huge benefit to building a community online is that it organically increases the chance of word of mouth referrals - and they’re the best kind. People trust other people.

Market research and patient persona creation

A patient persona is the ‘who? what? when? where? why?’ of digital marketing. Answering these questions allows us to be on the same page about who your target audience is, what they’re looking for and why.

We’ll create a bigger picture overview of each type of patient you see in your clinic, as well as those you’re looking to engage with your healthcare brand. The personas will be entirely fictional, but the information about them (location, age, occupation, interests, shopping habits and more) will be an accurate representation of your target demographic.

This information forms the blueprint for campaigns, allowing us to offer personalised messaging that engages, reassures and inspires your patients. 

Sequential retargeting

Sequential retargeting is the smartest way to use social media advertising to guide your community through their patient journey. This type of healthcare marketing takes place over a period of time, as your patients explore what you have to offer and how it could positively benefit their lives or alleviate their symptoms.

Instead of using sales-like lead generation ads, sequential retargeting uses a sequence of informational adverts that systematically target users after they have interacted with the content from the previous step of the sequence. We cap the number of ads anyone is served to reduce ad fatigue and automatically exclude anyone that has already taken an action on-site (completed a conversion) to avoid wasted spend.

Sequential retargeting helps to provide content that is valuable to users and take them along an informational journey, drip-feeding your healthcare brand values and moving down the marketing funnel towards conversion.

Influencer marketing

When you think of a social media influencer, does your mind conjure an image of a model posing in the latest fashions? If so, you might be wondering how this could be relevant to your healthcare brand.

Because word-of-mouth referrals are so valuable and trustworthy, influencer marketing on a micro-level (under 10000 followers with a track record of strong engagement) is very important to the growth of your healthcare business, particularly those who offer beauty treatments and skin-based procedures.

Meet your social media team

We provide a bespoke team, selected to complement your in house team or be your full digital resource. Each discipline requires a different mix of skills, talent and experience. We take the hassle out of every aspect of Social Media marketing, passing on the information that matters through a friendly account manager – on hand at all times to answer your questions.

Account Managers - Point of Contact, Weekly Calls, Monthly Reports
Digital Designers - Content, Copy, Hashtags, Profile Design
Social Analysts - Social Insights, Reporting, A/B Testing, Conversion, Tracking
Community Manager - Social Listening, Response to mentions, Outreach, Content, Scheduling
Ad Manager - Ad Manager, Ad Campaigns, Ad Optimisation, Ad Reporting


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