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The Healthcare Leaders Podcast, S1 EP2: Data Security for Healthcare & Pharma Brands – with Amy Ford


17th November 2023


Written by Carrie

In this episide of The Healthcare Leaders Podcast, we’re joined by Amy Ford, Data Protection Officer and Managing Director at Kaleidoscope Consultants. 

Amy has worked in data governance roles across the NHS and private sector, including major pharmaceutical copmpanies and clinical trial organisations. During our episode, Amy shares her expertise on how health and pharma organisations can keep patient data safe and secure, which leveraging the massive benefits of data sharing. 


  • How AI is changing the game in data protection (3:40)
  • How synthetic data sets can reduce bias and risk (4:50) 
  • How the pandemic has changed data governance (11:30)
  • Ethics, GDPR and the challenges of global vs local compliance (12:40) 
  • The future of data governance (19:05)

Join us as we explore the do’s and do-not’s of data protection in the healthcare and pharma sector, and how companies can safely use Big Data to improve the health of people around the globe. 

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