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Why you need a healthcare-specific paid media marketing agency

Healthcare organisations are under increased scrutiny from digital advertising platforms (and rightly so), which means that without medical PPC experts to guide you the risk of ad policy violations, disapproval rabbit holes and insensitive ad tone is far too high.

Whether working with healthcare providers to acquire patients or medical companies to engage with healthcare professionals, we bring ROI-driven, best-in-class PPC marketing to the healthcare sector.

Why you need a healthcare-specific paid media marketing agency

Our medical approach to PPC

Keyword research

Capturing the attention of healthcare professionals through search marketing can feel like finding a needle in a haystack, which is why looking beyond search volumes provided by traditional SEO platforms is key to a successful search strategy.

When promoting services to patients through paid search, the sheer volume of healthcare-related searches every day can be a budget killer. Tight control of keyword targeting comes from an in-depth understanding of patient drives and motivations – something you’ll find from all of our healthcare marketing experts.

Healthcare search data

We have bid on over 1.1 billion healthcare-related searches through Google Ads and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. When setting up a new campaign we bring with us all of our successes from previous campaigns in the same industry. Every time we learn something new about healthcare search, that knowledge has a cumulative positive impact for every one of our existing clients.

Paitent and HCP-centric ad copy

For patient acquisition, demonstrating expertise and authority while maintaining a sense of humanity and understanding is vital in capturing attention in a crowded marketplace. For engaging with healthcare professionals there is an art in using just the right amount of technical wording, while also being persuasive through USP demonstration.

End to end attribution

Accurate KPI tracking is critical for measuring the success of any healthcare marketing campaign. Our data-driven approach to medical PPC ensures that your marketing is fully accounted for and put to use in the areas that are most valuable to you.

Our analytics experts will help to set up full end to end tracking, linking your landing page and CRM back to your ad platforms to unlock the powerful bidding features available to e-commerce advertisers.

Existing ad accounts

If you already run paid media campaigns, we’ll ensure that we make full use of the data that’s already been captured. Even if you’re not 100% happy with your existing performance, there’s always something to be salvaged.

Speak to one of our friendly experts today to discuss a review of your current setup – your relationship with your marketing agency is important and sometimes a fresh perspective on an existing problem can be the best way to see if you


Whether you’re a PPC expert by trade or have never logged into Google Ads, your relationship with your digital marketing agency is crucial to a successful partnership. We take great pride in not only providing a best-in-class service, but also being flexible with our way of working to accommodate clients of all shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re looking for a team to execute your detailed marketing plan, or want the whole headache of paid media taken off your plate, we’re happy to help.

Google’s partner in healthcare

We are one of the only medical marketing agencies in the UK to be awarded Google partner status. We have achieved this by demonstrating:


Year-on-year growth for over 95% of our managed accounts


Managing millions a year in media spend providing huge insight


Our PPC experts are regularly tested to ensure consistent standards of excellence

Is a healthcare specific PPC agency right for your business?

Does Google consider your website to be in the healthcare industry?

Google has more stringent rules pertaining to websites in the medical industry (which is why a medical SEO agency is important from an organic point of view). From prohibited keywords to ad copy that violates policies, there can be a lot more to consider than a traditional Google Ad set up.

In need of accountable marketing partners?

Don’t just take our word for it, read our reviews and testimonials from every corner of the healthcare industry. We want to build a thriving relationship with every client we onboard. For this reason, we encourage regular reviews of all aspects of the relationship to ensure that we’re continuing to adapt our service to the growing needs of our clients

Are you targeting a niche audience?

Our healthcare paid media experts are second to none at uncovering search trends, and analysing the intent behind the search. With growing costs of paid media, and over 100 million health related searches performed each day, the risk of wasted spend is extremely high unless you have an experienced professional to help hone and craft your campaigns.

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A word from our happy healthcare PPC clients:

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The Rediroom campaign has helped reinforce our brand as the leaders in infection prevention and control. We’ve seen success in reaching an audience that is typically very tricky to get hold of through traditional marketing...
Marta Kolodziejska - Digital Marketing Manager, GAMA Healthcare
icon star icon star icon star icon star icon star
A fantastic agency, that provided unparalleled support setting up our Google/Bing PPC and social media marketing campaigns. The team are dedicated, responsive, efficient and perform every task to the highest standard. I would highly recommend...
Louise Childs - Marketing Manager, OnMedica
icon star icon star icon star icon star icon star
I can't recommend this team enough! They are truly a partner, one which I rely on for their expertise and strategic council; from establishing our digital platforms to now executing campaigns across a range of...
Natasha Brown - Marketing Manager, iRhythm UK
icon star icon star icon star icon star icon star
As part of our continuous adoption of a patient-first approach, we engaged Medico Digital to help us develop key patient personas and map the patient journey in order to help us understand the challenges and...
Justin Rocyn-Jones - Marketing Director, SmartTMS
icon star icon star icon star icon star icon star
Fantastic support to drive our digital marketing and improve our website. The Medico Digital team are focused on results and are very pragmatic. They have great knowledge of the healthcare market and we are directly...
Tony Graff - CEO, London Medical
icon star icon star icon star icon star icon star
Medico Digital are a fabulous agency with an impeccable standard of service. The team are friendly, professional, quick to respond, and solution focused. They oversee both our websites, our SEO strategy, and our PPP objectives....
Josephine Trotter - Head of Marketing, Horder Healthcare
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What I like about Ollie, Rich and the team at Medico Digital is that they're responsive to our commercial needs, meet deadlines and deliver first-rate work - they're also a pleasure to work with.
Alex Singleton - Director of Marketing and Communications, Circle Health Group
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