Healthcare PPC Advertising

PPC (Pay per click) is the practice of running paid advertisements through search engines or social media. Campaigns are flexible, scalable and measurable and are a transparent and effective way of increasing traffic and conversions for your healthcare business.

Healthcare marketing

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Healthcare marketing

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Healthcare Marketing

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Healthcare Marketing

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An effective AdWords campaign is built upon comprehensive research of your local healthcare market to better understand users’ online behaviour- what types of searches do they perform? what times during the day/week do they perform these searches? Where are your prospective service users and what is the user intent behind their searches?

AdWords is a particularly crucial part of a successful digital marketing strategy for medical professionals and organisations due to the specialist nature of service providers and user needs. As a Google partner, we can implement campaigns targeting keywords that describe your service offering in detail, so that potential users searching for the services you provide can find you easily.

We can run campaigns to your specified budgets, for locations directly associated with your practice or service areas, while all the while decreasing the cost of your campaigns. There will never be any unexpected costs or charges, and we can set up and close down campaigns at the click of a button. Good for closing down campaigns if they’re generating so many leads that you’re finding it hard to keep up*.

Just a few benefits of incorporating PPC into your marketing strategy:

Speed – PPC adverts can be launched quickly in comparison to other marketing activities, immediately increasing the volume of targeted traffic and qualified leads to your site.

Reach – Increased visibility of your site and associated channels will help to grow your online community and help to establish your organisation as a leader in your sector. We’ve found that recruiting specialist staff in the healthcare sector is considerably more successful when using targeted PPC campaigns.

Efficiency – Implementing different campaigns for specific keywords and demographics can dramatically increase the quality of website traffic. PPC ads can be scheduled to run during peak sales periods, designated locations and a whole host of other specialist granular metrics, making a well designed campaign all the more effective for reaching and engaging your target users.

Testing – PPC provides a low-risk testing opportunity for keywords, enabling you to determine your approach to optimising landing pages and piecing together both short and long term marketing strategies. Changes can be made to even live campaigns in an instant, allowing a flexible and informed approach to campaign management.

Return on investment – Because you only end up paying for clickthroughs from your ads, it’s easy to manage costs, track conversions, and measure return on investment.

Healthcare legislation and PPC ads

The healthcare sector is subject to some of the most stringent regulations with regard to advertising online. The breach of these can result in serious consequences- for example, doctors carrying out cosmetic procedures are required to avoid two-for-one offers and allow a minimum two-week cooling-off period before surgery, or risk being struck off. For this reason, we’re not only experts in digital marketing; but experts in the legislation governing the marketing requirements of the healthcare sector.

Our focus on conversion rate optimisation (CRO) means that we’re always looking to improve campaign performance, using the data we gather to inform future campaigns.

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*This has actually happened.

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