Becoming an authority on inflammation with strategic content marketing

Project highlights:

Analysing opportunity and paving the way for a leading health supplement brand to build brand equity and become an enduring authority in the inflammation space.

The health supplements market is highly competitive, but Wobenzym, a systemic enzyme formulation that fights inflammation, relieves pain, and enhances recovery, aimed to establish itself as a top authority in the field. With Wobemzym lacking a significant share of voice and new competitors emerging monthly, the question was how?

Medico were brought in to find an answer, and for an extra layer of complexity, Wobenzym asked us to focus on their largest markets - Czech Republic and Germany.

Wobenzym needed a partner who could:

  • Analyse the existing landscape, narrative and key influencers in the online discussion of inflammation and related topics.
  • Identify strategic search-based content marketing to build brand equity.
  • Facilitate research and execute a long-term content marketing campaign.

“Working with Medico Digital on optimizing our content strategy to drive improved visibility online and greater engagement on our websites has been great. The team is highly knowledgeable in the healthcare space, this being their area of specialty. They’re smart, reliable and—this is important—patient! And not only have they delivered on our briefs so far, I’ve also learned a lot from my work with them. I’m looking forward to doing more with Medico in the immediate future.”
Global Lead - Digital Engagement

The challenges


Market insights and strategy

Wobenzym were looking for topics to build brand equity, provide value to their audience, and differentiate from their competitors. First, Wobenzym needed to understand the current online discourse about inflammation among their target audience:

  • What emotions did their audience have about the topics that would inform how Wobenzym should approach content?
  • Information gaps Wobenzym could fill to bring value
  • How these content opportunities align with SEO for maximum organic growth?

Wobenzym needed a partner capable of undertaking a social listening project to understand conversations happening around key topics. The goal was to combine these insights with SEO through keyword research, identifying strategic content territories that would serve as the foundation for ongoing marketing campaigns.


Standing out in a competitive space

In the past two decades, inflammation has gained attention as a topic due to its link to various diseases. Many approaches are put forward to combat inflammation directly, including diet, exercise, stress management, sleep, and medication (NSAIDs). This has led to a surge in content creators catering to demand for information from the general public. At best, the competitive landscape presents significant challenges for brands new to SEO or content marketing, making it hard to gain visibility and share of voice. At worst, the high search volume has paved the way for unreliable sources to disseminate medically inaccurate information about inflammation—often without clarity on whether treating inflammation addresses the root cause of their disease. Wobenzym needed to carve out a niche within the crowded online conversation on inflammation, where their experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (EEAT) could help them secure top Google search rankings. Following this, creating content was paramount. This content needed to be:

  • Engaging to retain the audience's interest.
  • Medically accurate for reliability and safety.
  • Optimised for SEO to achieve top 3 rankings without compromising integrity or quality.


D2C Marketing

Wobenzym aimed for more than just high visibility on Google; their goal was to make their content not just seen but also impactful and engaging. As an initial interaction point for an inflammation supplement brand, their top-of-funnel (TOFU) content had to offer substantial value. It was crucial to position Wobenzym as a leading authority, fostering trust and encouraging readers to return for more answers.


Compliant content production at scale

Wobenzym operates in a less regulated category than pharmaceuticals but still adheres to medical accuracy standards, requiring a thorough internal review by the Medical Affairs team. Due to the team's limited size and responsibilities across multiple markets, the content production process was tailored to their needs, including easily reviewable source packs and a logical referencing structure. The Medico content team established direct, flexible relationships with the Wobenzym Med Affairs team for swift feedback and amendments to minimise delays.

Project highlights

4 workshops with local markets to uncover "right to win” content territories

20,000 search terms analysed through keyword research.

3 languages (En, Cz, De)

5 Strategic Content Territories unearthed

Google Trends: "inflammation” search popularity worldwide

Customised Workshops for Local Market Dominance
We empowered Wobenzym's local market brand teams with expertise for search engine dominance through tailored workshops. These workshops aimed to identify unique opportunities in each market through practical, hands-on training and brainstorming. This process enabled us to discover strategic content areas, further validated through social listening and keyword research.
Insight into online discourse
Using advanced social listening tools, we analysed thousands of conversations across platforms to gain insights into patient sentiments, concerns, and the effectiveness of health campaigns. This report identified key trends and offered actionable strategies for enhancing patient engagement and addressing their needs more effectively. E.g. We found many users complaining about conflicting advice on enzyme supplement use from healthcare professionals, highlighting an opportunity to educate and clarify the product's status in individual markets.

Audience analysis / Wobenzym

A comprehensive organic search strategy
Our team conducted extensive keyword research to uncover high-potential keywords related to inflammation. We analysed search volume, competition, and user intent to craft a tailored SEO strategy to improve website visibility and establish Wobenzym as an authority on inflammation.
Bespoke local strategies
The key markets for Wobenzym were the Czech Republic and Germany. Our research had to consider a fractured search landscape, local terminology nuances, and multiple regulatory quirks. Our team worked closely with local experts for accuracy.

Keyword research / Wobenzym


By partnering with Medico Digital, Wobenzym analysed a large amount of data and understood their local search landscapes. This led to strategic content territories that afford them the opportunity to capture a significant share of voice, and become enduring authorities in the space of inflammation.

Case Study Summary

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