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Website Redevelopment for NHS Somerset ICB and ICS

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Website rebuild to create a robust, reliable NHS resource

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The challenge

Medico Digital was chosen by NHS Somerset ICB and ICS for a challenging website redevelopment project. The project required a rebrand from CCG to ICB on a tight deadline, and their current site faced major issues with an outdated design, broken elements, admin accessibility, hard-coded functions, document disarray and scalability limits.

The solution

To tackle these challenges, we prioritised:

  1. Migration Efficiency: Migrated and updated websites swiftly to meet NHS rebrand requirements.
  2. Redesign: Overhauled the design for mobile-friendliness and user experience, including research, wireframing, and accessibility improvements.
  3. Scalability: Built a robust, flexible website with a user-friendly CMS, modular design, and security measures.
  4. No Hard-Coding: Replaced hard-coded elements with standardised coding and comprehensive documentation.
  5. Document Repository: Restructured the (enormous!) document repository for better organization, search, and access control.


The project delivered:

Timely Compliance: Met ICB standards within one month.

Enhanced User Experience: Positive feedback for user-friendly design and mobile responsiveness.

Admin Efficiency: Streamlined content management for admins, to enable ‘live site’ functionality and continual document upload and refresh.

Scalability: Future-proofed the website for growth and evolving needs.

This website redevelopment project for NHS Somerset ICB and ICS succeeded in meeting both immediate compliance needs and long-term organisational goals, showcasing Medico Digital’s commitment to delivering high-quality, timely, and future-proof solutions.

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