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Tailoring digital campaigns for a B2B and B2C audience to drive sales of a neurological device

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The Mollii Suit, sold by Remotion, is an assistive device that revolutionises how people live with muscle stiffness (spasticity) or other forms of motor disability.

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The challenge

Integrated communication

The Mollii Suit, sold by Remotion, is a breakthrough assistive device that revolutionises how people live with muscle weakness, spasticity and other forms of motor disability. Remotion faced a challenging proposition — how could they communicate with both patient and HCP communities in a cost-effective way?

They chose to work with the Medico Digital team to develop an integrated marketing strategy that would allow them to engage two very different audiences. The key to that integration was a six-month campaign that generated leads and drove users to their re-designed, user-friendly website — one that was simple to navigate and offered readily available assets to help educate visitors.

The solution

Reaching clinicians in trusted environments

Our team worked with Remotion to identify which HCPs were critical to engage and from there, identified which channels were most suitable to reach them.

From research, we know 64% of EU5 physicians value sponsored content more when it is placed on a credible source for their specialty. It was important that our targeted digital campaigns used bespoke messaging that would engage healthcare providers in relevant environments online. Our content team tailored messaging that highlighted the clinical efficacy of the device, which we were then able to A/B test and optimise based on learnings. We used a mix of rich media assets, comprising video, carousels and emotive copy to establish brand awareness and to generate high-quality leads.


Empowering patients to help control their condition

Using paid search and social media ads, we were able to meet prospective patients where they were online. For our patient audience, it was important to empower them with knowledge so they could make informed decisions. By developing educational content, video and user testimonials, we were able to create awareness and drive interest based on facts, which lead to a high uplift in enquiries.

The Results

Over our six-month campaign, we were able to generate 140k relevant ad views, which lead to 474 highly qualified leads.

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