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MyHealthcare Clinic

Dominating the Google search rankings for the UK’s most competitive and searched for phrase: “COVID testing”


Over 1.5 million unique page views to covid testing landing page


Over 325k covid test enquiries generated

Daily traffic levels as high as 17,500


MyHealthcare Clinic is a doctor-led healthcare business providing personalised private medical and dental care with a unique membership subscription model offered throughout clinics across the UK.

The Challenge

With up to 80% of the organisation’s marketing budget spent on Google Ads, MyHealthcare Clinic needed to reduce their reliance on paid media advertising and reallocate budget towards SEO to ensure longer term, organic (free) visibility and revenue for their growing number of UK clinics.

Enter March 2020 and, as was the case for most organisations, the global pandemic brought about a whole host of new challenges, not least the need for the organisation to pivot resources to new revenue streams such as COVID testing.

With paid media budgets stretched, MyHealthcare turned to Medico to find a route to obtain maximum organic exposure for what was soon to become the most searched for phrase on Google for months to come… “covid testing”.

The Solution

At its peak, monthly Google related searches for ‘covid testing’ exceeded 164,000, with search data on C-19 even becoming an important disease surveillance tool for Public Health England and an indicator of second waves of the infection.

We knew that obtaining organic search visibility for MyHealthcare Clinic, a relatively new website with a low domain rating and no existing content on C-19, in what was soon to become one of the most competitive markets, would be no mean feat. We deployed all available resources and set to work on a sustained content and outreach strategy focused primarily on C-19 testing related keywords.

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Utilising our SEO experts, medical copywriting team and technical SEO specialists we were able to produce highly accurate, engaging and most importantly “rankable” content while ensuring the website met all Google’s accessibility and EAT standards.

We also leveraged our partner network of healthcare related publications, providing them with topical, well-researched content that we knew would help us to build authority to our clients' relatively new domain in a specific and competitive area of search.

The result of our efforts, alongside an aggressive paid media campaign, was the creation of the one of the countries leading providers of COVID-19 testing services.

The results

  • Over 1.5 million unique page views to covid testing landing page
  • No.2 ranking website (below Government website) for ‘private covid test’
  • Over 325k covid test enquiries generated
  • Daily traffic levels as high as 17,500 (requiring server upgrades to handle traffic load!)
Covid test

If you’re interested in getting your healthcare organisation’s website to the top of Google, then speak to our healthcare marketing experts today.

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