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London Medical

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Conversion growth year on year
Increase in referred social media traffic
2.3 million
Organic impressions in 12 months

London Medical

London Medical (and its sister brand, London Diabetes) is a multidisciplinary centre of excellence with a unique, joined-up approach to treating diabetes and its associated conditions. The clinic was founded 29 years ago and has grown steadily in this time under the leadership of its founder Dr Ralph Abraham, an eminent Diabetes and Endocrinology consultant.

The challenge

In January of 2019 London Medical appointed a new CEO, Tony Graff, to grow the business and expand its reach globally. Central to this was the appointment of an enterprising digital partner who could help drive more revenue from their digital advertising.

The chemistry was apparent from the start and Medico was quickly trusted with developing an integrated digital marketing strategy to cover the website, search and social channels.

The solution

To hit London Medical’s ambitious targets, it was clear that everybody needed to be pulling in the same direction. To this end Medico became closely involved with the London Medical board, attending regular board meetings to ensure sufficient high-level buy-in from the project’s early stages. Frequent interaction with key decision-makers, such as Tony, enabled us to rapidly respond to evolving market conditions.


Fantastic support to drive our digital marketing and improve our website. The Medico Digital team are focused on results and are very pragmatic. They have great knowledge of the healthcare market and we are directly benefiting from access to this. They work with us in partnership and we really feel they are helping guide us to do what is right for the business.

Tony Graff, Chief Executive Officer

Website Design

To be seen as both the pre-eminent provider of integrated specialist healthcare and the UK’s leading private diabetes clinic, both (London Medical and London Diabetes) websites needed to be upgraded to rival the online experience offered by competitors in the market. Digital marketing campaigns would also benefit from high performing websites to convert visiting traffic into patient enquiries.

Medico quickly turned around two new user-friendly and dynamic designs. Following a rigorous content review, we reorganised both sitemaps to make their structures more conducive to SEO and create a seamless link between the two brands, launching within 3 months of being appointed as the clinic’s digital partner.

Search marketing

Although London Medical ranked organically for some keywords, their competitors had begun to steal a march on them by paying over the odds for traffic that would historically have been theirs.

We addressed this by consolidating their current search positions, cost-effectively outbidding competitors and ensuring a steady stream of traffic for highly relevant keywords. With a modest marketing budget, we chose to target less competitive, long-tail keywords. This allowed us to avoid expensive, hyper-competitive search terms while ensuring that the patient’s intent behind each search aligned closely to the services offered by London Medical.

We expanded our search campaigns to cover additional specialities, whilst systematically rewriting key condition and treatment pages to increase keyword relevancy and organic visibility. Our medical copywriters held telephone interviews with key consultants to ensure the copy was not only clinically accurate but representative of their individual practices and the unique expertise they brought to the clinic.


Social media

Before our social media experts started to work their magic, London Medical’s social media activity had been fairly limited and showed no evidence in contributing to the bottom line. It was time to reinvigorate this marketing channel.

We knew the quick-wins lay in paid advertising so focussed our initial strategy here. We segmented the clinic’s target audiences into patients who were either suffering from or were at risk of diabetes and obesity, and those who were suffering from diabetes-related symptoms or conditions, such as damage to the eyes, heart attack and stroke risk, erectile dysfunction or foot amputation.

Using our unique healthcare insights we set up strict targeting rules to reach each target audience through some engaging campaign creatives showcasing London Medical’s outstanding clinicians, great outcomes, access to cutting-edge medications and investment in digital technology. The results speak for themselves.

The Results

With help from Tony and his team, we implemented a bespoke tracking ecosystem to enable us to directly attribute the revenue generated from each campaign to a specific speciality. Our integrated strategy afforded us penetration in some of London’s most competitive healthcare markets. The clinic’s newfound visibility has lead to:

conversion growth year on year
increase in referred social media traffic
organic impressions in 12 months

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