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Cera Care

Increasing qualified leads through Google Ads for a leading Domiciliary care brand

Increase in paid website traffic
Increase in conversions
Lower cost/conversion

Cera Care

Cera is a leading home care provider that uses technology to improve both the standard of care and the way in which carers can be booked for home care assignments.

Cera works with the NHS and local councils to deliver quick, high quality, and transparent social care to patients out of hospital. The NHS uses Cera’s services to improve care for the elderly, assist with hospital discharges and reduce the need for readmissions by supplying higher quality and on-demand home care.

The challenge

Increase the number of qualified leads generated from AdWords campaigns

Audit and restructure care services campaigns

Expand the geographic reach of live in care campaigns

Increase the number of job applications from qualified carers living in London

The solution

Medico Digital began by restructuring Cera’s AdWords account. This involved an audit of Cera’s campaign history and audience groups to uncover inconsistencies, instances of duplication and identify missed opportunities for growth. We also implemented new pricing and callout extensions to highlight Cera’s service portfolio.

We then started the process of verifying the relevancy of the keywords within each broad match campaign to ensure that irrelevant clicks, particularly for highly competitive search phrases where the cost per click was high, were minimised. This involved setting up experiments on private nursing campaigns to limit ad variations and increase the relevance of the copy and click-through rate.

We also spent time reviewing the search term reports of key campaigns, including ‘home care’ where we were able to make a 20% cost saving on the total campaign budget simply by adding “care home” as a negative keyword.

The Results

Once we were happy that the basic foundations were in place, we started work on expanding the geographic expansion of the live-in care campaign. This involved a number of tasks including setting up ad customisers to ensure the actual user location appeared in the ad copy, creating new landing pages with dynamically generated content to ensure users search queries were reproduced onsite and implementing live in +location campaigns to capture more long-tail combinations. This sequence of tactics ensured ads and landing pages where as relevant as could be, increasing click-through rates, quality score and ad rank positioning.

After 2 months worth of activity on the account, we were asked by Cera to set up a recruitment campaign targeted at live-in carers to help them service the increased number of qualified leads their AdWords campaigns deliver daily.

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