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Healthcare marketing

It’s estimated that people spend up to 52 hours a year seeking health information online, so digital channels truly do represent the most effective way of reaching your service users. Whatever your budget, we can create a bespoke digital marketing package to suit the needs of your business.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The patient journey starts with Google. Roughly 1% of all Google searches – that’s millions of them every day – are related to medical symptoms.

For clients that wish to improve their online search presence, our healthcare marketing experts work both on your website and behind the scenes to raise your ranking on the search terms you provide and other search terms we identify as opportunities for your website. As a healthcare marketing agency, we are able to deliver a service that is tailored to your needs.


Keyword Research

It’s important to understand what your patients are searching for before you start optimising your site. Gaining insight on the things your patients are searching, e.g. ‘rhinoplasty’ or ‘nose job’, helps to determine your most valuable search terms so that we can maximise your clinic’s exposure in searches and give you a head start on your competitors.

Before we undertake any healthcare SEO activities, we perform in depth competitor and market analysis to suggest an appropriate keyword strategy for optimising your site. Once we’ve identified your primary search terms we perform ongoing analysis of Google Trends and Google Analytics to determine where best to focus our efforts to maximise the amount of qualified traffic visiting your website.


As with any business investment, it’s important you can measure how your marketing is performing. Even a well positioned site on Google may not be enough to generate new enquiries, so understanding how your patients are behaving on your site is key to converting your traffic.

Our focus on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) means we ensure that when patients arrive on your site, success is measured on completing specific goals such as filling out a contact form, downloading a patient information guide or watching a video.


Content is king. There’s no better way of gaining credibility from Google (and your patients’) than through the provision of valuable content. Search engines measure signals such as your bounce rate, page views and the amount of time patients’ spend on your website to determine whether your content is relevant to the search and engaging to its visitors.

The longer patients stay on your website and access different pages, the more value Google will place on your content. Interesting blog articles, patient FAQs and videos are often referred to as ‘sticky content’ as they’re great for engaging your visitors and keeping them on your site.

Just like when you share interesting news stories and medical developments with your colleagues, patients’ will share content on social media that they value. By ensuring your content is interesting and insightful it’s much more likely to generate social sharing, likes and comments, which will ultimately boost your content’s exposure and help drive traffic through to your site. Google will also look favourably upon this social endorsement, viewing it as a vote of confidence about your website’s authority.


What’s included in our healthcare marketing packages:

Website audit

Full in depth audit and analysis of your medical website. View our findings in your personal client portal where you’ll have 24/7 access to your analytics and ranking progress so that you can keep track of the work we’re completing.


Content Creation

Professional medical copywriters will craft compelling ‘keyword rich’ content that attracts good search engine rankings and talks directly to your patients to increase conversions. We will upload a new article every month and will provide free cosmetic changes and updates to your site when requested.

Onsite Optimisation

We optimise your website based on the quality guidelines provided by all the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. This includes:

  • Fixing broken links
  • Optimising your images
  • Creating and managing sitemaps
  • Fine tuning your website load speed
  • Creating and optimising the content on your site

Social Media

Regularly updated content means search engines visit your site more frequently. We use social media to highlight your new content and drive visitors to your site. We do this by broadcasting daily posts from your social media accounts that showcase your treatments and create that personal, one-to-one experience that patients get during a consultation.

Local Listings

We manually submit your company to all major UK website directories and optimise your local listing pages on Google, Yahoo and Bing to ensure you get found online as soon as possible. We also conduct a focused link-building campaign targeting the hospitals where you work, your professional organisations and insurers who recognise you.

Reputation Management

Google reward websites with good reviews from different online sources. We help you to gain more positive reviews from your patients and assist in removing any negative ones. We also monitor all the links pointing to your website and remove any potentially harmful ones.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

SEO is all about the person searching for you. We help evolve your website to convert visiting patients, increase page views and click-through rate and minimise your bounce rate.

Social media

New to social media? So are most of our clients.

When done properly, social media can be a powerful tool for promoting your practice. Just like during a consultation, social media provides a platform for you to engage patients in a dialogue, helping you to build more dynamic and sustainable relationships.

It’s understandable why medical practitioners may be hesitant about using social media, as for many it’s unknown territory and presents an opportunity to invite negative feedback and comments. The prospect of building and maintaining a social presence is also overwhelming, and the time investment it requires is out of most busy medical professional’s capacity.

Our team of social media gurus help make social media marketing more manageable. We train all our clients on best practice techniques on all the major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+.

Our clients trust us with their social media activities because we understand the healthcare market, their patients, and how to use social media to make their websites perform better. And because we’re ‘socialising’ every day we know what’s new, what’s effective and how to react to negative approaches from patients.

Your social media analytics and insights also give us access to information that will help us to improve your search presence.


Facebook advertising

Facebook has over 1.35 billion active users across the globe and it keeps on growing.

Facebook users typically spend an average of 20 minutes per day on the site, making it one of the ‘stickiest’ sites on the web and therefore one of the best places to advertise your practice.

Using highly specialised targeting, Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways of putting your practice in front of your patients.

By taking time to understand your practice, we can create intelligent profiles that allow us to target specific patients by age, gender, location, interests and lifestyles.

This makes Facebook ideal for reaching very niche demographics, which is often the case when trying to promote a new service, treatment or complex surgical procedure.

By ensuring your adverts are seen only by the people you would want to see them, we are able to guarantee a much larger return on investment and significantly reduce your overall advertising spend.

In addition to search engine optimisation, we also provide a range of other digital marketing services including Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising such as Google Adwords, remarketing and social media, and can also assist you with video production and email marketing.

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