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Healthcare marketing and the rise of digital

Written by Richard

In a modern age where the average individual spends more time on their smartphones or their laptops than they do sleeping, it’s a mystery why the healthcare industry has allowed itself to fall behind in the world of digital marketing.

The current situation is turbulent for private practice, which is why it is imperative that healthcare professionals have the right marketing options and support. Dwindling referral numbers, a slowing PMI market and the CMA’s new measures have all taken their toll in the medical industry. These factors make it all the more important for the sector to have a robust and modern approach to healthcare marketing.

Who’s doing healthcare marketing well?

If we take a look at some of the organisations that have made digital a core part of their healthcare marketing, we can see a great deal of immediate and long-term success. Some healthcare providers, like Nuffield Health, saw hospital website conversions increase by over 61% YoY and total call volumes rise by over 27% YoY following the launch of their ‘Small Victories’ YouTube brand campaign.

And it’s not just the private healthcare sector. The NHS ranks really well for search queries relating to symptoms or treatments that people are likely to Google when they’re worried about being ill. It does this by having a comprehensive bank of content on its NHS Choices website, which it links through to its various social media channels. So, why is the healthcare sector still reluctant to drive forward their digital marketing campaigns?

Investment in digital marketing

In an industry where data security is paramount, historically the marketing focus has erred away from the influence of online and digital advertising. However, with new technologies revolutionising media consumption, the patient landscape has changed and patients are now active in an increasing number of digital channels. The sector must now respond to this changing consumer behaviour.

Those practices that wish to hold the upper hand are beginning to realise the need to focus on integrating digital into their healthcare marketing strategies. As the healthcare sector continues to fight against continued constraints and difficulties, a digital strategy tailor-made to your clinic’s needs is no longer a desirable asset – it is fast becoming vital.

Whether it is a responsive medical website or medical search engine optimisation, it is becoming clearer to medical professionals that honing an online strategy will help secure a bright future in an increasingly competitive market.

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