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The Healthcare Leaders Podcast, S2 Ep1: Beyond The Buzz: AI In Healthcare Communications – With Zach Duenow


15th March 2024


Written by Louis Meletiou

Season 2 Episode 1 of the Healthcare Leaders Podcast.

Host Ollie Capel (, Managing Director and Founder of Medico Digital, is joined by Zach Duenow (, former Director of Brand Building for Haleon. 

They explore the rise of AI in healthcare communications, discussing its potential to revolutionize patient engagement while emphasising the importance of maintaining a human connection.

Show notes

(00:39) Zach’s experience with AI at Haleon and his new venture, Muse, which focuses on story-based strategy

(07:56) The importance of using AI for augmentation rather than automation in healthcare communications 

(15:50) Examples of AI being used effectively in diagnostics and the challenge of bringing humanity to healthcare marketing 

(27:47) The potential for AI to enhance personalization in healthcare communications and support mental health

(37:52) Future possibilities and challenges of adopting AI within life science organisations 

Join Ollie Capel and Zach Duenow as they dive into the fascinating world of AI in healthcare communications.

Discover how AI can be leveraged to create meaningful connections with patients and healthcare professionals while navigating the challenges of adoption within the industry.

Don’t miss this insightful discussion on the Healthcare Leaders Podcast!

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