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S2.5 Ep1: Behind the scenes – an interview with leading Gynaecologist, Sanjay Vyas


17th April 2024


Written by Louis Meletiou

Join us in the first of a limited series of episodes where we dive into the minds of patients and HCPs across multiple therapy areas to get an understanding how the changing digital landscape, and rising power of the patient, are influencing a change in online behaviour of both HCPs and patients.

For our first episode, Medico founder and managing director Ollie Capel speaks to leading gynaecologist and advanced laparoscopic surgeon, Sanjay Vyas.

In this episode we cover:

  • The need for comprehensive review processes to combat the spread of misinformation online
  • The importance of acknowledging the wider product ecosystem when addressing HCPs
  • Webinars, omnichannel and email marketing
  • The balance between providing information at point of need, vs pushing information that hasn’t been asked for
  • The digital evolution of the in-person HCP local community
  • The challenges in personalising information for patients

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