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PAGB Webinar recap: Enhancing Brand Visibility Through SEO-Optimised Medical Content

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3rd July 2024


Written by Louis Meletiou

If your brand has a medical approval process for content production, check out our recent webinar in conjunction with the PAGB on how to turn your medically validated content into SEO rocket fuel that can significantly improve your search engine rankings.

The webinar focused on a crucial aspect of content creation in the medical field: optimising MLR (Medical, Legal, Regulatory) approved content for search engines.

Many healthcare marketers overlook this vital step, potentially missing out on substantial organic visibility opportunities.

Key topics covered in the webinar included:

  1. Content Creation Process and Steps for Success
  2. Effective Collaboration with MLR Teams
  3. SEO Optimisation Techniques for Medical Content
  4. Strategies to Maximise Content Performance

Medico Digital shared simple, actionable steps to help elevate your MLR-approved content to the top of Google’s rankings. Their approach not only ensures medical accuracy but also enhances your content’s visibility to your target audience.

Missed the live event? Don’t worry! The full webinar recording is available below.

For those interested in learning more about optimising medical content for SEO, feel free to reach out to Lone of our marketing experts today!

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