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Online booking for clinic websites: What are the benefits?

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1st July 2021


Written by Jessica Engler


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These days, it’s not enough to provide quality customer service in person; the customer experience begins online. That’s why it’s so important to ensure your clinic’s website is providing the best possible experience for current and prospective patients. 

Consumers today expect to book anything and everything online, from dining to dentistry, in their own time. A clinic management software tool with online booking can help you create the optimal customer experience.

In this article, we will focus on the benefits of online booking. A tool like Semble, for example, can help your clinic improve its workflow efficiency by streamlining processes such as online scheduling, collecting and recording patient demographics and invoicing/billing.  

What does clinic management software do? 

Documentation, scheduling and administrative tasks can all be improved and automated with the help of a clinic management system. 

Common practice management features include:

  • Online booking – Allow patients to book online when it suits them.
  • Automated appointment management – Send automated personalised reminders by phone, email or text.
  • Design templates – Create patient questionnaires and letter templates.
  • Patient portal – Share notes, results and invoices securely.
  • Invoicing – Issue invoices to patients and third parties. 
  • Payments – Easily take payments before or after consultations.
  • Performance tracking – Keep track of patient statistics and analyse results by service, location and clinician.

On the electronic medical record (EMR) side, a clinic management tool can help with automating processes. For example, this may include tools for consultation notes, patient records, prescription templates and video consultation.  

You may have separate tools for some or all of these processes. But why is it so advantageous to implement a clinic management system with integrated online booking?

The benefits of online booking 

For starters, a clinic management tool with online booking provides the best possible customer experience for your patients. They can schedule appointments whenever it suits them, and they are more likely to do so after receiving a personalised reminder from you. 

This flexibility and ease not only makes the digital experience more appealing, but also it makes your practice more accommodating. Regular and personalised communication can keep your patients engaged and improve your attendance rate. Ultimately, better customer service and better attendance means better client retention.

For busy staff members, clinic management software with online booking can cut down on administrative time. Online booking eliminates the need for an administrator to follow up on contact enquiries to convert them into actual consultations. 

The system can even book out consultation rooms and equipment at the same time, so a staff member doesn’t have to. By managing notes and records electronically, you can reduce the manual work of documentation and paperwork, ultimately saving on cost. 

When you streamline multiple tools into one system, you eliminate the need to create and maintain bespoke booking and payment systems. Many client management systems like Semble are hosted in the cloud, which means you can access your data all in one place – anywhere, anytime. You can keep track of your vital performance metrics broken down by service, location or individual patient/clinician. 

Assess your marketing investment

After integrating your client management system with your website – which Medico can help you do – you could also link your booking system to Google Analytics. This could allow you to track where your traffic is coming from, ultimately providing a good view of what marketing channels are working for you and of your return on investment for ad spend. 

In future, you could potentially measure actual revenue against the cost of leads – the holy grail for marketers.

Online booking has myriad benefits, and some of the best clinic management software tools can be incorporated into your website.

Medico can help you with this, so get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you implement online booking and improve the client experience on your clinic website.

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