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Healthcare marketing news – June round-up 

Healthcare marketing

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29th June 2022


Written by Emma Dowey


Digital marketing

Healthcare marketing news – June round-up 

Google aims for more immersive ads and better AI optimization 

It’s no secret that the search engine giant, Google, is looking for ways to evolve from simple text-based search results. So think video, artificial intelligence, immersive experiences and augmented reality. Or in other words visual content. If we consider augmented reality (AR) and how it can be applied to shopping, it has the ability to transform how brands market their products. 3D product visualizations can give people more detailed information without them ever visiting a shop. AR ads that appear in search results can incorporate these 3D visualizations to better inform potential customers. 

Medico take: 

How might this be applied in the healthcare industry? The opportunities could be endless, with AR becoming a permanent part of how patients interact with healthcare providers, and how HCPs interact with med-tech and pharmaceutical companies. Products, services and technology all have the potential to be turned into immersive experiences to inform and educate. For example, medical students in Cambridge have been using holographic patients to elevate their training and learn new skills.

New WHO report: marketing technologies may be a surprising ally in making the internet healthier

The promotion of junk food, alcohol, tobacco and unhealthy products has been widespread online and on digital channels for years. According to a new report released by the World Health Organisation, digital technologies may be a surprising ally and obvious partner for establishing responsible and ethical digital marketing rules. 

Medico take:

The tech giants Google, Amazon, Meta and Microsoft make up around 60-80% of global digital media spending according to the article. Partnering with them to assume more ethical advertising practices is a great step forward in protecting our children and adolescents. 

Evolving marketing in the now, near and far

This recent podcast from “Inside Global Pharma,” explores trends and insights pharmaceutical companies should consider when trying to reach healthcare professionals with their marketing strategies. As digital healthcare marketing experts, we know how difficult it can be to craft compelling marketing messages that resonate with HCPs.That’s why this podcast caught our eye, or ear, this week. Take a listen to hear some ways to up your game. 

Medico take:

How do you market to HCPs online? They’re busy people and reaching them online with the right messaging can be a huge challenge for medical and pharmaceutical organisations. We explore this topic in more detail in our handy guide – How to educate and engage HCPs online (link)

Why The Future of Digital Ads Doesn’t Require Personal Data

There are so many digital ads out there. In fact, on average, most people are exposed to around 4000-10000 ads per day! To serve relevant ads to consumers, advertisers typically obtain, maintain, update and leverage personal data. Is this a passing trend though? Especially in light of the imminent loss of third-party cookies.

Medico take:

Regardless of who you’re trying to target you will need to get smarter when it comes to digital advertising. Simply throwing ads out onto the internet with the hope of converting isn’t going to cut it. We recommend developing quality content that meets patients’ and HCPs’ goals and motivations. Content is king and you should always aim to educate, inform and inspire to get people to stop, view and click.  

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