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Healthcare Marketing & News – April Round-Up

Written by Emma Dowey

At Medico, we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date when it comes to the latest healthcare industry news, opinions, regulatory changes and insights. 

Each month, we’ll be bringing you a round-up of the top healthcare news you need to be aware of, as well as our own take on the latest updates and changes.

Here are your digital healthcare updates for April.

Google states AI-generated content is against rules

According to the search engine giant Google, using AI writing tools to generate content is against their webmaster guidelines. But can Google identify auto-generated content and what does that mean for your website and content strategy? Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller explores further in this recent article in the Search Engine Journal

Medico take: With the rise of agencies utilising AI tools and outsourcing content to an unqualified, freelance workforce, we’re proud to be consistently pushing the bar with our medical copywriting. We know that factual accuracy is equally important to search engines and end-users, and our robust editorial process and highly experienced copywriting team reflect this.

A return to face-to-face sales calls for pharma?

Covid forced many sales reps to transition from face-to-face to virtual sales appointments overnight. Although most visits are still virtual, the industry has reported mixed results according to a recent study by healthcare consultancy ZoomRx. So what does this mean for the future of HCP engagement? 

Medico take: It’s widely documented that the benefits of an omnichannel marketing approach will do wonders for your business. Digital marketing tactics are vital for establishing touchpoints in the buyer journey. The ability to use digital to nurture an audience shouldn’t be underestimated. By effectively combining digital with in-person tactics, organisations can better retarget their prospective customers online, after initial face-to-face engagement. 

How the healthcare sector is being improved with AI

There are numerous benefits to using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the healthcare space. The automation of menial tasks and rapid data analysis means healthcare can be delivered faster, cheaper and more accurately. AI in healthcare has been a hot topic for a while now and this recent article explores what the future holds for AI. 

Medico take: The opportunities for AI and ML to improve healthcare are endless. But one of the key areas for success is a robust go-to-market strategy that puts your audience at the heart of any marketing campaign. 

Transitioning to post-covid healthcare marketing

Covid-19 changed the healthcare marketing landscape and we saw the rise of healthcare consumerisation, with users accessing services on-demand. A recent Insider Intelligence report found that almost 75% of healthcare executives are “highly likely” to invest in or expand the use of patient access technology to respond to the increase in demand for self-service healthcare access.

Medico take: Patients have become accustomed to fast service, zero hassle and custom-made solutions. It will be more important than ever to ensure your marketing efforts are patient-focused and up to scratch. 

Dissatisfaction with the NHS increasing

Fuelled by the pandemic, NHS waiting times have increased sharply to 6.1 million people in early 2022. It’s no surprise then that the results of a recent British Social Attitudes survey show that only 36% of respondents stated they were satisfied with the NHS. 41% said they were dissatisfied. This is a stark change from responses between 2007 and 2020 which typically exceeded over 50% satisfaction rates. 

Medico take: With more and more people being held on waiting lists, competition for private providers has never been more fierce. Ensuring you have a robust digital marketing strategy will help you keep up with the pace of change.

If you missed last month’s healthcare marketing news, you can find our March round-up here.

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