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Healthcare Marketing and News – January Round-Up

Written by Emma Dowey

As healthcare marketing experts, we keep up to date with the latest industry news, opinions, regulatory changes and insights. Starting this year, we’ll bring you a monthly round-up of what to be aware of and our unique take on industry news. January has been a busy month for digital healthcare so let’s get started.

Quality over quantity

As we already know, the pandemic forced many to shift marketing efforts to digital. Overnight digital content became king and email marketing soared. Although this isn’t a bad thing, 65% of HCPs felt that at least one pharmaceutical company had sent spam during the pandemic. A recent study on pharma-healthcare professional interactions from Accenture revealed that quantity really is better than quality. Read more about the study findings and what this means for pharmaceutical marketeers here.

The Consumerisation of Healthcare

We’ve come to expect everything “on-demand”. And why should healthcare be any different? Forbes explores the consumerisation of healthcare in this latest article, highlighting three key areas to be aware of. 

Digital Healthcare

This podcast details the potential benefits of digital healthcare for reducing costs and breaking down barriers to accessing care. It explores how artificial intelligence (AI) and sensor-driven data collection will be the future of healthcare.  

Healthcare Digital Experience Platform Market Size Worth $2.3 Billion By 2028

Recent global research conducted by Grand View Research, Inc. predicts that the Healthcare digital experience platform market size will be worth a massive $2.3 billion in the next six years. What does that mean for HCPs and who are the key players in the healthcare digital experience platform market? This recent press release explores in more detail.

Amazon Moving into Healthcare

Will online giant, Amazon, move into the pharmacy business in the UK, and if so, what does this mean for the industry? There have been signs that suggest Amazon has been preparing for a number of moves into the healthcare sector. The BBC explores in more detail here.

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