Osteo & Physio increase website traffic by 62% and grow number of online referrals.

Osteo & Physio

Osteopathy and Physiotherapy

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Osteo & Physio provide specialist treatment for back, neck, and shoulder pain. Spread across 3 mid Devon clinics, their services include osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage, bowen and podiatry treatments.

The challenge

Osteo & Physio wanted to redesign their website to improve their patient’s online experience and help increase their conversion rates.

Already an established practice, Osteo & Physio required their new website to integrate with their existing e-mail marketing clients as well as support their previously developed online diagnosis tools. Having invested in new video content to promote their clinics, Osteo & Physio wanted their new website platform to showcase their videos on both desktop and mobile formats.

Underpinning the design work was the need to develop and implement a search strategy to boost their organic search rankings to allow their clinics to dominate the local markets.

The results

  • Increased website traffic by 63%
  • Gained number 1 Google rankings for over 35 keyword search phrases.
  • Achieved 1st page ranking for ‘pins and needles in hands’ (a phrase searched nationally over 6200 times per month).
  • Developed a total organic ranking equal to £573.64 per month spend in Adwords.
  • Increased conversion rates by creating individual landing pages with specific treatment videos. 
  • Increased the number of patient enquiries made through the website.
  • Provided CMS website training for clinicians and ongoing marketing support.

“I am really grateful to Medico Digital for the hard work and expertise they have put into realising our Website plans.  Their combination of knowledge, creativity and hard work have significantly improved the number of referrals coming through the website and we often receive positive comments from customers about the site itself.  I have used a number of SEO companies in the past they have been good value and have come up with the goods in terms of significantly improved front page positioning for our key search terms.”

Jonathan Boxall, Director, Osteo and Physio Ltd