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Live Chat healthcare marketing

Improve customer service, develop audience insight and increase conversions through live chat.

The healthcare sector often lags been behind the digital adoption curve, but things are rapidly changing, without the need for complex, or expensive investment. Patients want to communicate with healthcare providers in a confidential, immediate and expert way and live chat gives them exactly what they want.

When you’ve invested in a great website supported by regular SEO and targeted online marketing, you’ve already done much of the hard work in getting potential clients to the start of your sales funnel. However, industry bounce figures suggest that just 2% of online healthcare visitors convert into a consultation. Live chat gives you a new way to change this and to boost booking conversions by up to 50%


Why live chat should be part of your healthcare marketing strategy

Improve user experience
Allow patients to access the information they need, immediately, and by providing an initial contact point for sensitive health concerns. Help users to navigate the complex offerings of hospital treatments or large product databases.

Increase conversions
Build immediate trust in your brand to boost patient enquiries, consultation bookings and leads by engaging earlier in the sales process.

Instant communication
Offer customers exactly what they want – instant, expert communication ‘there and then’.

Develop customer insight
Capture valuable customer insight into the typical things that patients are looking for, which can be fed back into the business to build the knowledge base and to support staff training.

Qualify leads
Filter out irrelevant enquiries and ensure that your precious resource is directed towards genuine leads

Simple integration
Completely hassle-free integration and can be fully branded for your website to provide a seamless visitor experience.

Convert more traffic into consultations

When you’re investing in online marketing activity but only seeing a 2% conversion into consultations, there’s a huge 98% of visitors to go after! Those potential patients are engaging with your content, but not taking that extra vital step to get in touch.

We identify those users and use live chat to stimulate conversation with them to prompt that essential next step.

Supercharge your online patient experience

Managed by a third-party specialist, live chat is cost-effective and easy to plugin into any existing website, making it perfect for healthcare providers of all sizes, not just big companies with generous marketing budgets.


Extending your team

We answer prospective patients initial questions and provide an outstanding customer experience from their first contact.

Knowing your business is vital and that’s why we spend time building a rich database of knowledge bespoke to your business. Our live chat experts undergo in-depth training and a knowledge-transfer to ensure they know have all the information they need to represent your organisation to its fullest, acting as an extension of your own team to deliver measurable ROI.


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