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Google AdWords healthcare marketing

Ensure your healthcare brand is seen by patients and customers when they’re searching Google for the things you offer.

AdWords is the paid advertising system developed by Google through which you can identify opportunities and run campaigns for marketing your products or services through Google’s search pages or display network. It’s a fast and reliable way to bring in more interest, revenue, and enquiries for your practice or healthcare organisation.

75% of the UK public admit to taking to search engines for health information and advice, making AdWords one of the fastest ROI approaches to digital marketing through the immediate exposure it can provide.


Pay per click

Setting up a campaign is free, you only pay when someone clicks your ad for search terms that are relevant to your business.

Flexible budgets

You decide on your advertising investment. Start with a budget you feel comfortable with, then adjust based on performance.

Advanced targeting

Split testing, landing page optimisation, remarketing, display advertising, Gmail sponsored placement, dynamic keyword insertion, and automated bid adjustment strategies – these are just some of the tactics that can be utilised to reach your target audience and enhance campaign performance.

Our approach

We focus on conversion rate optimisation (CRO), meaning we use campaign data and a range of different tactics to increase the number of enquiries at a lower advertising spend. We tailor our approach according to potential:

  • Increasing the reach of existing top performing campaigns
  • Fixing poorly structured accounts
  • Increasing keyword and ad relevancy
  • Streamlining online acquisition process for clear reporting and analysis
  • Performance testing to establish highest conversion rate potential

As a certified Google AdWords partner, we have extensive experience and expertise in the setup and management of all different types of AdWords campaigns. Working exclusively within the healthcare market, we know what works and what doesn’t, basing strategies on real search data that we’ve built over time, running campaigns for many different healthcare organisations and objectives.


AdWords policies and regulations for healthcare

The healthcare sector is subject to some of the most stringent regulations with regard to advertising online. In the UK, pharmaceutical companies are prohibited from promoting prescription drugs, whilst for some healthcare providers personalised (interest based) advertising, such as remarketing, is restricted because of the sensitivities and privacy issues associated with user ad targeting in healthcare.

One of the many benefits of working with us on your medical PPC campaigns is that we have extensive knowledge of the advertising regulations pertaining to the healthcare sector. This enables us to implement and manage compliant and effective campaigns across multiple platforms, without resulting in an investigation.

Closing the loop

When investing money into AdWords it’s important you’re able to measure the performance of campaigns to ensure ROI on your advertising spend. We make sure this process is made as clear and simple as possible by implementing conversion tracking tools so that you can see which campaigns are underperforming and which are driving the most qualified leads.

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