Cera Care

Cera Care, one of the UK’s leading live-in care service providers, tasked Medico with creating and implementing a Facebook advertising campaign designed to meet key business objectives. The goals included increasing footfall on the Cera website, enhancing the quality of traffic, improving Cera’s social media presence and contributing to lead generation from Facebook.

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increase in page likes
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The challenge

Medico was required to pinpoint a specific audience of potential
customers on the social media network – those interested in elderly care; including senior citizens and their families, aged from 30 to 65. In light of the Cera competitors already active on Facebook, it was vital that Cera was able to gain brand exposure and if possible win the attention of their rivals’ customers.

The Solution

In order to exploit Facebook’s targeting capabilities as effectively as possible, Medico created detailed user profiles which included interests and media consumption habits. Medico also put in place a period of testing to identify the most effective and lowest cost per conversion lead generation campaigns for Facebook advertising. Budget was then scaled upwards from month to month, increasing the investment as the campaign was continually refined.


The results

Medico’s Facebook campaign for Cera Care:

  • reached 635,651 people
  • created 7,230 engagements
  • saw a 385% increase in page likes
  • generated 132 qualified leads