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Online Pharmacy SEO and Google Ads

We have been able to generate huge returns on investment for our online pharmacy clients utilising PPC and SEO marketing. We are experts at navigating the challenging ad policies and stringent search engine requirements placed on online pharmacies.

Patient acquisition | SEO
The challenge

Competition is rapidly increasing

Vague and ever-changing requirements to run campaigns on ad platforms

Increasing pressure from pharmaceutical regulators to move away from a traditional e-commerce model of prescription medicine selection

The solution

For our pharmaceutical clients, we understand that:


Growth in the online pharmacy market is achieved almost exclusively through search 

SEO growth by itself would be too slow to achieve our client’s ambitious objectives

Paid search is expensive and the unpredictability of health-related ad policies meant that relying entirely on a paid strategy would be irresponsible


We always look to implement a two-pronged growth strategy, generating revenue through paid ads while building sustainable foundations for future success with targeted SEO campaigns.


Many of our clients are self-funded and can only spend what they make, which means that growth through Google Ads has to be ROI-positive at all times. We achieve this by consistently finding search topic areas that are high in purchase intent but low in competition to give us an edge against other advertisers.


We help our clients identify emerging trends and capitalise on them through consistent production of medically accurate, highly optimised content, as well as a sound technical strategy. This allows us to grow our client’s organic search revenue at a predictable and steady rate.


Below is an example of how we helped a recently formed online pharmacy break into a saturated market. From April 2020 to April 2022, we saw the following results:

SEO - increase in users
SEO - increase in revenue
PPC - increase in users
PPC - increase in revenue

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