58 Queen Square

58 Queen Square is a centre of excellence for cosmetic medicine, minor operations and consultations in the South West of England. Directors, Nigel Mercer and Antonio Orlando, approached Medico Digital looking for help to redesign their Bristol Plastic Surgery and 58 Queen Square websites and to develop their non-surgical business under the new brand Bristol Aesthetics.

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Website design

58 Queen Square needed a website for each of their 3 brands that would set them apart from the pack in a very competitive and crowded market. It also needed to complement the existing brands messaging and strengths.

We were chosen to work with 58 Queen Square for our specialist knowledge of the healthcare market and our expertise in both web design and healthcare marketing. We also have a track record of transforming brick and mortar cosmetic surgery clinics with no web presence into successful business’ that are supported by the enquiries generated from their online activity.

Given the wide variety of cosmetic treatments available at the clinic, it was important that each website displayed information in a clear and concise way, and was inclusive of people of all ages, genders and ethnicities, while remaining engaging to the point of conversion.

Visual mockups of the website were created for all device types to ensure information could be accessed in an intuitive way and enquiries could be placed (and tracked) from anywhere on the site. SEO best practices were inherent throughout the build, which involved an agile approach and a close collaboration with the team at 58 Queen Square to ensure the final designs not only met but exceeded their expectations.

The results…

Three slick, modern websites that captured each of their unique brand values, conveying a sense of professional excellence and expertise to potential patients. Launching in 2017, the new website increased patient enquiries by over 40%.


“The team at Medico Digital listened carefully to our requirements and delivered three fantastic websites for us. They kept us informed of progress throughout the process and were always on hand to help with design decisions and to make suggestions for improvement. I would thoroughly recommend them.”


Gary Colosimo – Business Manager


58 Queen Square has delivered consultations and cutting-edge surgery to happy customers for over a decade, however, the majority of their enquiries came from existing patients and brand awareness.

With a small budget, the clinic wanted to penetrate the local online market, raise their digital profile and capture enquiries via their website that would previously have gone elsewhere.


The results…

With the website now optimised for conversions, we managed to increase patient enquiries by over 40%. The high quality of the traffic brought in from the Google adverts, and the Facebook retargeting ads, meant that we were able to deliver a 904% return on ad spend at a cost of £36 per enquiry.